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Euskadi, mountains near the sea

Euskadi - The Flysch

Euskadi - Flysch

  • Preu

    € 650

  • Type of trip

    In groups, from 8 to 16 people

  • duration

    8 days

  • Difficulty

    Level 3 of 5

  • Destination


Our destiny

Arriving in Euskadi is synonymous with moving to a region full of history and its own culture, the last passage of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, and the ever-intense green of meadows and forests that surround the small villages that remain intact over time.

Sharp edges of rocam make up the Basque mountains, sculpted over the years by the karst phenomena and which give rise to numerous caves, precipices and ravines. Shelter and refuge in very distant times, there are still several dolmens hiding among the damp vegetation, and the Basque language, the language of those ancient settlers, continues in the day to day life of its inhabitants.

Territories where sea and mountain share the path, where the harmony of large cities coexist in an intact natural environment. Land of traditions and own culture, walking through any of its streets or trails is an authentic experience.

Strong points:

  • Basque Country, own culture and language
  • Landscape modeled by the Atlantic climate
  • Coastal trails at sea
  • Traditional charm towns, large cities like
  • Donosti
  • Popular "Pintxos"
  • Caves, caves ...
  • Dolmens
  • Summits with great views of all the Basque territory


Day 1: Arrival in Euskadi

Transfer day to Asteasu where we will have the lodging in a typical "hamlet" in the middle of a unique and incomparable place.

Day 2: Artikutza Forest

Artikutza is a forest of magicians, fairy tale, where moss takes every corner and where the trees grow without pausing. For this reason it has become a natural reserve where we will find one of the most amazing forests in all of the Basque territory. Despite the passage of time, some villages coexist between the great beech woods, keeping themselves away from civilization, time seems to stop in some of these places. Back, we will walk along the river that nourishes these forests, cold and crystalline waters, an ideal place for bathing for the most daring!

Distance: approx. 12km, 400m slope

Day 3: Ascension to Aizkorri, Aizkorri Natural Park - Aratz

One of the topics of the Basque fortress, a land famous among the "La Zegama" runners, we are on the summit of Aizkorri! Privileged views from the summit, the great plain of Alava, the Moncayo, the sea or the Pyrenees, and surrounded by a totally karstic environment, we will finish the day crossing the mountain through the curious tunnel of San Adrián.

Distance: approx. 15km, 800m slope

Day 4: From Pasaia Dobaine to Donosti along the coastal path

Nature modeled an ideal harbor in the Bay of Pasaia: the waters are protected from the great waves of the Atlantic by the high cliffs that make up it. We will begin to walk on the paved streets of Pasaia Dobaine, sharing the path with pilgrims going to Santiago, where we will have to take a small boat to cross the bay. Once in Pasaia San Pedro, we will follow the coastal path along the cliffs that Monte Ulia forms when falling to the sea, in a territory where the lush greenery has been hiding tunnels, aqueducts and ancient fishing constructions, witnessing the old offices in the area . Always by the sea, we will arrive to Donosti, for losing among the streets of its old quarter and tasting the popular skewers. To finish the day, a bath in La Conxa!

Distance: approx. 12km, 500m slope

Day 5: The last vestige of the Pyrenees: Peñas de Aia

As an isolated mountain range in the middle of nowhere, the three peaks of Aiako Harria turn out to be one of the best viewpoints in all of the Basque geography. We will encircle these great granite walls, the last vestige of the Pyrenees, through forests of beech trees and ascend to one of its magnificent peaks.

Distance: approx. 13km, 500m descent

Day 6: Zumaia, the oldest geological history written in the sea

From the fishing village of Zumaia, we will return again to the pilgrims' route to Compostela, going through a highly valuable geological setting: the Flysch. These are rock formations that allow us to know the history of our territory thousands of years ago. Following meadows and cliffs with great views, we will reach the center of Deba to return by train to Zumaia again.

Distance: approx. 12km, 300m descent

Day 7: Cova de Sarastarri, Natural Park of Aralar

We say goodbye to Euskadi visiting the Natural Park D'Aralar, already in border territory between Gipuzkoa and Navarra. Territory where agricultural activity is still preserved, we will discover its mining past as well as numerous dolmens in an area with a long history. But our goal, the surprising cave of Sarastarri, hidden among beech trees, and which hides a gorgeous lagoon in its interior.

Distance: approx 12km, 400m slope

Day 8: Donostia

Tomorrow at the beautiful city of Donostia, San Telmo, Playa de la Concha, etc. Then return trip home.

The Artikutza forest is a truly magical place where we walked amidst some huge beech trees

Nan Pagès


Those people who are accustomed to walking in the mountains and who want to know this area quietly, walking and going through the most interesting places.

Asteasu - Otabardi

Hostel Otabardi


3 5 level: itineraries between 5 and 6 hours and do not exceed 700m of accumulated slope

Boat trip

  • 650 €
  • Discount: See the section offset
  • Guide toAcaminar Travel throughout the route from Barcelona. Ivan Muñoz.
  • During the walks we will only take the necessary one for the day
  • Accommodation and half board in multiple rooms with bunk beds
  • Advice on the necessary material for excursions
  • Expanded travel insurance that includes cancellation for justified reasons
  • Technical Organization.
  • The corresponding VAT
  • Lunch that will be picnic (everyone can prepare it or we can prepare it in the same accommodation)
  • Transport to the starting points, if you call us, we can contact you to share the cars and the corresponding expenses of the trip. Likewise, and as indicated in the section offset, the person who brings 3 more participants to their car will have a discount of 45 euros, the one that brings 2 plus the discount will be 30 euros.
  • Personal expenses
  • Everything not specified in the section includes.
  • Any mishap that comes out of our control: carved roads, adverse weather conditions, accidents, evacuation of injured, cancellation or delays in flights, etc.

It will be done in private cars to Asteazu and the approaches to excursions. Car expenses are paid between all car occupants. The person who offers their car and brings 3 participants more will have a discount of 45 euros of the price of the exit and the one that brings 2 more will be of 30 euros.


We will have a "Caserio" recently renovated as a hostel, in the middle of nature in an incomparable setting. The owners of the same live in an annex and will delight us with their good meals, both for breakfast and dinner. We will help you in some simple tasks, such as stopping and removing the dishes from the table, etc.


The usual we take for hiking: treasure shoes, backpack, windbreaks, polar fleece, buff, capelin, sunglasses, sunscreen cream. We also recommend carrying water shoes for some section of the itinerary and front light to visit a cave. You do not have to bring a sleeping bag.



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