8, 9 and 10 June 2019
Second Easter

Cross the Montsant



  • Preu

    € 185

  • Type of trip

    In groups, from 9 to 17 people

  • duration

    3 days

  • Difficulty

    Level 3 of 5

  • Destination

    Montsant - Priorat

Our destiny

The Montsant is like a great castle surrounded by powerful walls and that you have to discover to be surpassed by the different degrees to enter the mountain. Everything goes little by little, time stops. It has not yet been touched by the great tourism and has undergone very little transformation. All of Montsant is surrounded by small villages that live in agriculture. We will discover it in three days, enjoying its mountain ranges, accessing its hidden treasures and enjoying the fruit of its land, wine.

Strong points:

  • Circular route that will allow us to know the most emblematic places of the Montsant
  • Awesome paths between cliffs with strategic steps.
  • La Vall del Silenci, which runs through the Montsant river
  • The hermitages of Sant Bartomeu de Fraguerau and the one of Sant Salvador de Margalef


Saturday 8 June: Morera del Montsant - Serra Major - Ermita Sant Antoni

From La Morera de Montsant we will climb through one of the degrees that allow us to overcome the great rock steps, enjoying the whimsical forms of the mountain. Once passed, we will reach Serra Major, a great ridge with views from all sides, from the Pyrenees to the sea. By reaching small peaks along the path, we will reach Toll d'O Ou, a surprising and refreshing site! Continuing along, we will discover some baubles hidden between lush vegetation and, when we get there, we will arrive at the Refugi de Sant Antoni where we will spend the night.

Domingo 9: La Vall del Silenci - Margalef

After breakfast, we will enter into a landscape totally different from the previous day, known as the Valle del Silencio. We will begin the day following the waters of the Montsant river surrounded by high walls full of holes and bauxas that had formerly been shelter of shepherds and hermitages, to finally reach the dark waters of the Pantano de Margalef. Surrounded by vertical walls, mecca of climbing worldwide, we will reach the small village of Margalef to stay at his shelter.

Monday 10: Sant Salvador de Margalef - La Cogulla - Morera del Montsant

We will leave towards Sant Salvador de Margalef, a beautiful hermitage built in a large bay where we will return to access the Serra Major and we will reach the summit of Cogulla (100 peaks).
Already back to La Morera, we will enter the Clot del Cirer, one of those magical places that hides the massif from where we will return to La Morera, surpassing the last degree now descending.

The peace that breathes in the Valley of Silence gives you peace of mind

Francesc Masó


Those people who are accustomed to walking in the mountains and who want to know this area quietly, walking and going through the most interesting places.

Els Ports

La Morera del Montsant in the background


3 5 level: 6 and 7 runtime hours effective at slow pace

Bassegoda i Guitarriu
Vall d'Hortmoier

  • 185 €
  • Discount: See the section offset
  • Guide toACAMINAR TRAVEL (Ivan Muñoz)
  • 2 night in half-board accommodation (dinner and breakfast) in refuges
  • Transport of a small bag by participant between the accommodations with the one indicated in the section of material
  • Advice on the material to be carried
  • Basic accident insurance
  • Technical Organization
  • The corresponding VAT
  • Lunch that will be picnic (everyone can prepare it or we can prepare it in the same accommodation)
  • Transport to the starting points, if you call us, we can contact you to share the cars and the corresponding expenses of the trip. Likewise, and as indicated in the section offset, the person who brings 3 more participants to their car will have a discount of 30 euros, the one that brings 2 plus the discount will be 20 euros.
  • Extra drinks for dinner
  • Everything not specified in the section includes.

It will be done in private cars to La Morera del Montsant. Car expenses are paid between all car occupants. The person who offers their car and brings 3 participants more, will have a 30 euros discount of the price of the departure and the one that brings 2 more will be 20 euros.


Like other times we will be in half board at the Sant Antoni Shelter (1 night) and at the Margalef Refuge (1 night)


The usual we take for hiking: treasure shoes, backpack, windbreaks, polar fleece, buff, capelin, sunglasses, sunscreen cream. We recommend frontal light. You also have to bring a small bag with 1 mute spare, crocks or flip flops, simple sleeping bag, towel, soap (there will be transport between the lodgings of this small bag)



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