The technical organization corresponds to ACAMINAR TRAVEL SL with license GC-2584, NIF B55130702 and with address in Llers, postal code 17730, c / Puig Oriol, 31. The rules contained in this document obligate all parties and are part of the contract.

1. Applicable legal regulation

The contractual relationship between the organizing agency and the client is governed by the clauses of the combined travel contract, by the technical sheet of the trip that details its final content and by these general conditions, all written in accordance with the provisions of the Catalan regulations of travel agencies (Decree 168 / 1994, from 30 of May) and by the State Law on general contracting conditions (Law 7 / 1998, from 13 in April).

2. Registration for the trip

The act of registration on the trip and the consideration of reservation requires that the client has satisfied a deposit, which will vary according to the travel contracted, but that will be able to suppose a 40% of the total budgeted amount, unless the economic conditions of the Providers impose the advanced payment of another amount. The remaining amount must be paid at most 10 days before departure. The agency may terminate the contract and apply the expenses provided for in the 5 condition, if the client does not pay the second payment within the established period.

3. Modification of the trip by the organizer

When the organizer is obliged to significantly modify the essential elements of the trip, he must notify the client in writing as soon as possible so that he can choose between rescinding the reservation or the contract, with the right to full refund of the amounts paid, or accept the consequences of the modification of the initial trip. In the event that the client does not notify in writing his decision in the three working days following the notification of the modification, it will be understood that he chooses to terminate the reservation or the contract.

4. Contractual condition

The realization of the announced trips may be subject to the registration of a minimum group of people, which will vary depending on each trip (consult the agency if the trip involved requires the formation of a minimum group). In the event that this group is not formed, the AGENCY can cancel the trip without compensation rights for the client provided that they communicate to him within a maximum period of 10 calendar days before the expected date for the beginning.

5. Discontinuance by the client

If the client withdraws from the trip, after the formalization - at least - of the deposit required to consider the reservation firm, he must compensate the travel agency for the concepts detailed below:

a) Management expenses: the following amounts will be applied:

For travel reservations of more than 3 days, 80 € if the cancellation notice is made before 30 days from the start of the trip. After these 30 days the expenses for the management of the cancellation of the trip by the clients will be the totality of the reservation made in the first instance according to the price indicated in the information sent to the client via email.

For travel reservations of less than 3 days, the management costs will be 40 € plus 3 € per day of trip.

b) Annulment expenses of the different providers (guides, lodgings, transport, etc.).

c) Penalty: in the 15% of the total amount of the trip if the cancellation occurs between the 15 and the 10 calendar days prior to the start date of the trip, in the 25% if it occurs between the 10 and the 3 days, in the 50% if you give up within the previous 48 hours and will result in the loss of 100% if you notice less than 24 hours in advance.

6. Price of the trip

The price of the trip includes the value added tax when applicable, and it is understood as valid during the season indicated.

The price can be checked up to 20 calendar days before the date of departure in case there are variations in the cost of transport (including the cost of fuel), in the rates and taxes relating to certain services (such as those of the " landing, boarding or landing at ports and airports) and the exchange rates applied to the trip.

Travel assistance insurance and coverage of cancellation expenses: As a general rule, our prices do not include travel assistance insurance (with the exception of cases indicated here) or cancellation fees To be the same faculty by the client. We recommend that clients inform themselves about their coverage prior to their recruitment, which we always recommend.

7. Accommodation establishments

The content and quality of the services provided for the establishment of tourist accommodation are determined by the local tourist category specified in the contract or the technical specifications. In the event that this classification does not exist, the indicated category will be only indicative, however the contract of the description and the characteristics of the establishment will be recorded in the contract. Habitually triple or quadruple rooms are double rooms with a folding or a sofa-bed.

8. Documentation

The client has the obligation always to carry the national identity document and also, if required, the passport in the original and current copies.

The agency has the duty to inform about the special documents (such as visas, medical certificates of vaccination or health, etc.) that require the place of destination of the trip for entry to the country, and the client expressly assumes both his Procedure (except in agreement with the agency) as the consequences derived from not carrying them or the fact that they are not valid.

Foreign clients must ensure that they meet the visa requirements in order to enter, leave and circulate without problems in the country of destination, and assume the consequences of non-compliance.

Children under the age of 18 must bring a document that authorizes them to make the trip, signed by both parents or the parent who has the custody (in case of separated or divorced marriages) or the guardian.

The agency recommends that clients always carry their health card.

9. Assignment of the reservation

The client may transfer his reservation to a third party provided that he informs the agency with 15 days in advance of the date of the beginning of the trip and that this is not expressly prohibited in the advertising of the trip or the budget. It is noticed that the transfer of reservation may entail additional expenses derived from the change of name.

10. Responsibility

The organizing agency must respond to the consequences that arise from the non-execution or the poor execution of the contract in proportion to its intervention in the management of the combined trip.

However, it will be exempted from this responsibility well when there is a cause of force majeure (foreign, abnormal and unpredictable circumstance) or an event that neither the organizing agency nor the providers have been able to avoid even having done the necessary diligence , or when the cause is attributable to the client or to a third party.

The client is obligated to inform the organizing agency, as soon as possible and in writing, any breach of the performance of the contract that he has checked in situ.

In group trips, the modification of the initial contract may be admitted whenever the alteration of the itinerary or the substitution of services that are justified by force majeure circumstances, to safeguard travelers' safety, due to weather conditions, by impositions Unexpected suppliers of the area or for reasons of limited local and road infrastructure. Any other alteration of the route must be approved by the unanimity of the group and expressly consented by the AGENCY.

11. Claims.

In the event that the client presents a claim, the organizing agency or the retail agency, depending on the obligations that correspond to them in their respective areas of management of the trip, will have a period of one month from the date of Presentation of the claim to give a response to the client.

The client may also ask the competent administrations to intervene as mediators of the conflict. Submission to mediation is voluntary by the travel agency, which will be assessed on a case by case basis if the mediation proposed by the administration is accepted or not at the request of the consumer.

If the conflict is not resolved by any of these ways, the consumer would have the possibility to go to the arbitration or judicial channel.

The consumer is advised that our agency is not adhered to the consumer arbitration system.

In the event that the client decides to go to the legal channel, it is advised that the term of prescription of the legal actions derived from the combined travel contract is two years from the day that the trip ended or had to end.

12. Treatment of personal data

The personal data of the natural persons who, on their own behalf or in representation of legal entities, contract with this agency will be incorporated and treated in an automated file owned by us, ACAMINAR TRAVEL SL, and that meets the security measures necessary to guarantee the total security of the data. In compliance with the regulations, the data owner may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition recognized by the Organic Law on data protection by contacting: ACAMINAR TRAVEL SL, calle Puig Oriol, 31, CP 17730 Llers, Girona. The agency is authorized to use the data during the term of the contract and for the information of its services.

13. Validity

These general conditions clauses have been written as of May 2 2017 and have an indefinite validity while they are not modified.

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